Charges for additional services

Please note that the English language pricelist does not include all items and may be outdated. Please compare with the Czech version and if it differs, the Czech version is valid

Basic service is the service of virtual calling cards, for which are no initial, lump or other fees charged. Only the connected calls are charged.

Besides this basic service we provide also different additional paid services.

One-off fees for service establishment

establishment of 2nd and every other Odorik line (first line is automatically free of charge) 5 Kč
assignment of a nomadic number 91011XXXX 10 Kč *
assignment of a geographic number 20 Kč *
assignment of 50 or more geographic numbers individual price according to the particular numbers
assignment of a green line number - toll-free number 800 individual price according to the particular numbers
Fee for porting one geographic number or number 800 till 1/4/20 900 CZK
Fee for porting a serie of numbers or ISDN line till 1/4/20 * * 2500 CZK
Fee for a number activation from 7/4/20 * * * 600 CZK
Fee for activation of a serie of numbers from 7/4/20 * * * 1900 CZK

* every public number has to be connected to a particular Odorik line (if PBX is not used) * * If you are not planning to use some of the ported numbers, it is necessary to return the numbers to the previous provider before the portation. Once the portation is done it is possible to cancel the numbers for a fee of 200 CZK/number.

* * * The fee can be reduced or forgiven on the base of a individual non-public offer. The particular offer will be available after log into user interface.

Regular fees for additional services

nomadic number free of charge
geographic number free of charge
50 and more numbers* 1.21 Kč/number/year
SIP trunk (only in Czech) free of charge
number 800 with a special economic value 3490 Kč / year
number 800 1960 Kč / year
your Skype name online with possibility of incoming calls redirection 0,40 Kč/day

* If a customer ḧas more than 50 numbers, which he purchased for a special individual price due to the numbers' atractiveness, regular fee for the geographic numbers is 1 Kč/number/year without VAT. The fee is then forwarded to ČTÚ (Czech Telecommunication Office). The regular fee for a number per year is also charged for a ported number if there are 50 and more ported numbers. The numbers can be prepaid only for whole years, ideally for more years in advance (up to 5 years). At the end of the prepaid period you will be contacted with a possibility to prolong the prepayment period. In this case is the amount deducted from your credit manually and possible “fee for an inactive account” (see below) is not charged. Even blocks of numbers can be ported to another provided.

Charges for incoming calls

Charge for incoming calls from mobile numbers to number 800 4,20 Kč/min *
Charge for incoming calls from other numbers to number 800 0,66/0,33 Kč/min * *
Charge for incoming calls to other numbers free of charge

* billing 1+1, * * billing 1+1, peak/off-peak

More additional services

Sending one SMS from web or via API 1 Kč *

* Fee 1 Kč for sending SMS is charged also for some of requested service messages. The user is notified in advance. (For example push SMS with link for an application download, low balance notification SMS or authentication of the number ownership for service CLIP) Authentication SMS during registration, or SMS notification of credit top-up are always free of charge.

Text2speech service on our web, or using API přes API 0,20 Kč/second = 12 Kč/minute

One-off payment for printed statement of call history sent by post (on customer's request) 30 CZK *

* Statement of call history is available online - free of charge.

Fee for invoice issue for postpaid billing (this fee does not apply for prepaid payment) 100 Kč
Fee for cash payment at Czech post 40 CZK

* If you deposit the money directly to our account (for example you use deposit form no. 90), you will be later charged 40 CZK (administrative fee, deducted from your credit), which includes higher administrative cost and also bank fee, which the bank charges to us. Unfortunately we cannot subsidize this fee, therefore we recommend to obtain our card with barcodes via Sazka (not at post office).

Fee for cash payment at Raiffeisenbank 29 CZK

* If you deposit the money directly to our account, you will be later charged 29 CZK (administrative fee, deducted from your credit), which includes bank fee, which the bank charges to us (even though it charges some fee to you during the deposit). Unfortunately we cannot subsidize this fee, therefore we recommend to make a bank trasfer.

All the prices include VAT.

MVNO services

Call charges

Call in-network Odorik 0.59 Kč/min
  • Call form a mobile number via GSM network to geographic, nomadic and Odorik mobile numbers in T-mobile network.
CZ mobile and landline 1.49 Kč/min
  • Other landline and mobile numbers in the Czech Republic, which are not in network Odorik.
Voice package - - 3000 minutes of calls in-network (mobile) Odorik 110 Kč/month

Long-term discounted destinations (premium quality, billing 1+1 as usual):

Ukraine - landline 3.89 Kč/min
Ukraine - mobile 4.89 Kč/min
Russia - landline 1.99 Kč/min
Russia - mobile 4.89 Kč/min
Nigeria (landline, mobile) 2.99 Kč/min
Vietnam (landline, mobile) 3.99 Kč/min
Green lines/Toll-free lines 800 0 Kč/min
All the other destinations (for example colour lines, abroad) price from the Internet + 2 Kč/min
CZ mobile (via internet ) 0.59 Kč
CZ mobile (via callback) 1.18 Kč/min
All the other destionations (via callback) price from the Internet + 0,59 Kč/min
  • callback from mobile phone in the Czech Republic - column “callback from mobile in Cz. R.” in the left section of the page
  • You can use application for OS android
  • For Nokia phones or other older or cheaper phones we offer java application
  • The application uses internet just for the call order. Our system will call you and connect you with the number you selected from your contact list in your phone.
  • The Internet connection is charged per 1 kB and for this kind of usage is its price negligible.
  • During the ringing time at callback the first leg of the call is charged (0,59 Kč/min).


SMS in-network (from SIM card in network Odorik to SIM card in network Odorik) 0.59 Kč
  • The price is valid only in the case that both the sender and the receiver of the message have SIM cards in network Odorik (T-mobile).
SMS to other mobile network in CZ 1.25 Kč/SMS
SMS abroad and to landlines in CZ* 2.50 Kč/SMS
SMS to EU 1.84 Kč/SMS
MMS to CZ 3.50 Kč/MMS
MMS abroad 5.50 Kč/MMS

* This category also includes the so-called special short numbers used only for incoming SMS (shortcode). The price is also valid for the case that you send SMS to geographic or nomadic number in Odorik network. In this case the message will be read to you by hardly undestandable automatic machine O2 or T-mobile. If you have filled in Email for voice messages or fax for this line, you will receive this message for “landline” number in network Odorik to your e-mail or fax.


Data 1 MB (billing per 1 kB)0.69 Kč
  • From the beginning of April 2018 will not be the speed limited if the billing per KB is used. However, you can set monthly limit for data usage - default setting is 100 MB and it can be changed to 50 MB or 200 MB. Once the data usage breaks the 80 % and 100 % of the limit, you will receive SMS notification.
  • We recommend to use Opera web browser, which shows websites in comprimed size. If you have Nokia phone, use the integrated web browser Nokia.
charge in Kč inc. VAT maximum speed
Data package 150 MB 60.00 5 Mbit/s
Data package 300 MB 95.00 10 Mbit/s
Data package 600 MB 160.00 10 Mbit/s
Data package 1000 MB 220.00 20 Mbit/s
Data package 1500 MB 295.00 20 Mbit/s
Data package 2000 MB 320.00 20 Mbit/s
Data package 3000 MB 440.00 20 Mbit/s
Data package 10 GB 690.00 20 Mbit/s Can be purchased only within “big data” tariff and it is not possible to use it in roaming.
LTE activation per month 10.0

Data can be used till the end of the current calendar month. Once the data package is depleted, the data are stopped. You can buy new package or change the billing (per KB). The package can be turned off and switched to billling per downloaded data. The package can be bought repeatedly in one month, but the data can be used only till the end of current calendar month. Maximum data speed is limited in order not to let any incorrectly behaving application spend whole the package in few minutes.

After the depletion of the data package, or even in advance, it is posisble to buy additional data package for prices lower by 10 Kč than the initial package. Data packages can be purchased repetitively and also immediately in sequence - data amount is counted up. Additonally purchased data packages are valid only till the end of current calendar month.

Additionally purchased data packages charge inc. VAT
150 MB 50 Kč
300 MB 85 Kč
600 MB 150 Kč
1000 MB 210 Kč
1500 MB 285 Kč
2000 MB 310 Kč
3000 MB 430 Kč
10 GB 680 Kč Can be purchased only within “big data” tariff and it is not possible to use it in roaming.

Voice packages "naruby"

Package name description charge inc. VAT rate per minute or SMS once the package is depleted
medium calls and SMS within Odorik free of charge, 150 minutes + 50 SMS CZ mobile, LTE 295 Kč 1.00 Kč
medium SMS calls and SMS within Odorik free of charge, 100 minutes + 100 SMS CZ mobile, LTE 295 Kč 1.00 Kč
medium with data calls and SMS within Odorik simcards free of charge, 150 minutes + 50 SMS CZ mobile, 1000 MB, LTE 333 Kč 1.00 Kč
big calls and SMS within Odorik free of charge, 300 minutes + 100 SMS CZ mobile, LTE 395 Kč 1.00 Kč
big SMScalls and SMS within Odorik free of charge, 200 minutes + 200 SMS CZ mobile, LTE 395 Kč 1.00 Kč

Free of charges calls within Odorik network are limited up to 3000 minutes per SIM per month. The packages can be actived or deactivated only for the upcoming month, the latest by 10 p.m. on the last day of the current month. It is not possible to purchase or change the package for the current month.

Calls within Odorik network are not charged. SMS are deducted from the package. Other calls are chagred as if the package would not be used and once the month ends, the statement is done. Charge for the package of the previous month is deducted from your balance and charges deducted for the calls previous month are added to your balance. You receive the statement via e-mail.

Additional charges

Daily fee for active SIM card 0.70 Kč
  • If you spent 100 Kč and more in last 30 days, the fee is not charged. All the spendings on the particular line are counted besides charges for active SIM card themself.
  • The fee is charged for every started day, when the SIM card is active.
  • SIM card can be temporarily suspended and then for free re-activated on our website.
  • Suspended SIM card does not connect into the network and therefore it does not allow you to make any calls (outgoing or incoming).
Price of a new SIM (mini and micro) 50 Kč one-off payment
Price of a new univesal SIM (nano, micro and mini size) 80 Kč one-off payment
Deposit for telephone number from range 50 Kč one-off payment
  • Deposit 50 Kč is charged, once the number is reserved. It is a deposit for the number and will be returned once the number is returned back.
  • The deposit should prevent necessity to suspend the SIM card immediately if the balance reaches zero.
  • If the account balance reaches zero, SIM card stays active for a month, therefore you can receive messages and incoming calls, until you top-up your account. If you do not top-up the account in a month, your SIM card will be suspended until you top-up your account.
  • If you port your number to another provider, the deposit is not returned back.
Price for porting one mobile number till 1/4/20 250 Kč one-off payment + 50 Kč deposit
Price for complex porting till 1/4/20 150 Kč + N*100 + N*50 Kč deposit
Fee for the first activation of a phone number valid from 7/4/20 * 250 Kč

* The fee for activation can be reduced or forgiven on the base of an individual non-public offer. The discount rate can be found after log into user interface.

All the above-mentioned charges per minute include billing 1+1, which means by the second from the beginning of the call.

Further info about possibility to order SIM card in our e-shop.

Calling from abroad - Roaming

Roaming is switched off in default setting. Unfortunately it is not possible to charge roaming calls in real time and deduct it instatnly from credit so that in case of zero credit the calls would be blocked. There are two possibilites of roaming activation:

1) Restricted roaming - all outgoing calls (not emergency numbers) are blocked and outgoing SMS are blocked. If this kind of roaming is currently selented, the restricted services are valid also for calls and messages in the Czech Republic. This restricted roaming might be useful when you are already abroad and you just need to receive a message for example from a bank or some call or you need to change setting of call redirections to VoIP.

2) Sign amendment to contract, where you undertake to pay in 30 days any debit that could occur on your account due to roaming services or premium SMS services. Once you sign this amendment, you can activate roaming as you decide. You can sign the amendment in our office (Prague or Brno) or verify your signature on the amendment at any post office (fee 30 Kč) and send it to us by post.

Zone 1 - Europe - countries of EU, EEA and Croatia

Outgoing calls 30/1 rate as in CZ, so 1,49 Kč/min (if voice package “naruby” is active, the minutes are deducted from the package)
Incoming calls 1/1 0 Kč/min.
SMS within EU 1,00 Kč (if voice package “naruby” is active, the messages are taken from the package)
MMS within EU 0.50 Kč, in “big data” tariff only 0.30 Kč
Internet - data 1 kB without any package 0,25 Kč/MB (it is more budget-wise than most of the data packages), if data package is active, the data are deducted from the package as in CZ

Map of EU countries (blue) and EEA countries (green - Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein) + Croatia (yellow)

For longer calls we recommend to use callback, which can be ordered by short ring to our callback number, by data or by SMS. The amount of data used for callback activation is in zone 1 (EU) due to the billing 1 kB + 1 kB negligible. We recommend to turn on data in OS Android only for the moment, when you really need it, to prevent large amounts of data to be used by any application.

Zone 2 - Europe - countries outside EU or EEA + USA, Russia, Canada, Israel, Egypt and China

Outgoing calls 60/60 45.00 Kč/min.
Incoming calls 60/60 22.00 Kč/min.
SMS 11.00 Kč
MMS 22.00 Kč
Internet - data 10 kB 87.00 Kč/MB

We recommend not to use the Internet connection.

Zone 3 - Rest of the world, big ships (ferries)

Outgoing calls 60/60 80 Kč/min.
Incoming calls 60/60 55 Kč/min.
SMS 18.00 Kč
MMS 25.00 Kč
Internet - data 10 kB 416.00 Kč/MB

We recommend not to use the Internet connection.

The above-mentioned charges are not valid for calling to premium numbers and green lines. (Calls to international numbers with prefix 0800 is charged according to pricelist of the roaming partner.) Outgoing calls outside EU: Outgoing calls are always charged by the rate for the higher zone (for example when the customer calls from zone 2 to zone 3, he is charged for an outgoing call in zone 3).

Special calls (for example colour lines) are charged according to the type of the call and network, where is the call made. The price is set byt the roaming partner. Calls for numbers 800 xxx xxx are not free of charge.

If you travel outside EU for a longer period, purchase a local SIM card with a local phone number. You can redirect your odorik number if you dial *21*number_to_which_I_want_to_redirect#. A mobile number cannot be unfortunately redirected directly abroad, but it is necessary to redirect it at first to a geographic or nomadic number and then to you can redirect this geographic or nomadic number wherever you want and also change it online if you need. Therefore you avoid roaming charges. You can cancel the redirection by dialing #21#. If your roaming is inactive, you need to set the redirection before you leave the Czech Republic.

Important numbers available in mobile phone network

4488 - free of charge, answered by people, not by a machine

4489 - account balance info - free of charge

It is not possible to select contacts directly from your Speed Dial (saved on our website), but they can be dialed with application OdorAk (only Android phones). Other applications suitable for low data consumption with Odorik SIM card

Fee for an inactive account

General Terms and Conditions, which are valid since September 2013 cancel expiration of credit after two years from the last top-up and instead of the expiration implement a small month fee for an inactive account and reservation of an unused number (if it is assigned).

Fee for an inactive account 2 Kč / month
Fee for every assigned public number on an inactive account (for example geographic, nomadic, mobile..) 2 Kč / month

Exact definition of an inactive account can be found under point 8 in General Terms and Conditions:

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