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NOTE, if you want to order the SIM card in our e-shop, please switch to the Czech version to order or e-mail us the order to kontakt[at]

SIM card standard size miniSIM with possibility to cut to microSIM size. Charges and usage of the SIM. The SIM card operates in T-mobile network. NanoSIM (used in the latest iPhones) can be purchased here.

T-mobile signal coverage map.

This is not an anonymous prepaid card, SIM card can be used only with registration and as one of the services of

New SIM card is not paired to any number. You need to register the purchased SIM card in our system and match it with new or ported phone number - “setting wizzard” → „Incoming calls“ → „Your own phone number“. Note: you need to use free line.

Price of the new SIM – 80 or 100 CZK (nano SIM) one-off payment. Where to purchase:

  • in our office in Prague or Brno, no need to order in advance
  • in our e-shop – postage 15 CZK. Payment in advance.

How can I pair a phone number with the SIM card or how can I ask for a number to be ported?

You can pair your SIM card with a new number or port your old number after log in to user interface.

  1. Log in to
  2. Select “Lines” in menu.
  3. Check that you have a free line where in the column “Public telephone number (incoming calls)” is written “not assigned”. If you do not have any line like this, select “Add new line”.
  4. Click on “not assigned”
  5. Select “Mobile phone number in T-mobile network”.
  6. Select “ mobile phone number” or “Mobile phone number – transfer from another operator”
  7. Follow the instruction on the website

I have already selected a number and I would like to pair the number with the SIM card or I would like to change the SIM card setting.

  1. Log in to
  2. Select “Lines” in menu.
  3. In the column “Public telephone number (incoming calls)” click on the number you want to work with.

Important numbers available only in mobile network

4488 – infoline – free of charge, answered by people, not by a machine (call 9 a.m.-20 p.m.)

4489 – account balance info - free of charge

3388 - picking up the voice mail - charged 0.59 Kč/min (activation of the voice mail need to be requested by e-mail)

It is not possible to select contacts directly from your Speed Dial (saved on our website), but they can be dialed with application OdorAk (only Android phones). Other applications suitable for low data consumption with Odorik SIM card

If you want to port your current number

  1. Inform your current provider about your leaving. You will be provided with ČVOP code from them. The code is valid for 60 working days.
  2. Purchase our SIM card.
  3. Do not purchase new phone number on our website, choose “Your own personal phone number from another provider” instead.
  4. You fill in the number, you want to transfer, at the time of SIM card activation together with ČVOP. You also choose one of the offered dates for the transfer. The earliest date for the transfer = date of input + 4 working days. (Monday input, Friday morning transfer)
  5. In the early morning of the chosen transfer day you will switch your old SIM card with with the new SIM card from us in your phone. The new SIM card will work with the same phone number.
  • Fee for transfer of one number 250 Kč + 50 Kč deposit
  • Fee for complex transfer 150 Kč + 100*number of SIM cards (2-99)+ 50 Kč deposit * number of SIM cards
  • In case of complex transfer all of the SIM cards have to be registered on one contract at one mobile provider before the beginning of the transfer.
    • Request one same ČVOP for all of the trasfered numbers.
    • If you receive different ČVOP codes for the numbers, it is not possible to undertake the complex transfer.
    • The transfer of all the numbers has to be ordered for the same day.
    • The fee for the transfer is deducted at each number. The saved amount due to the complex discount is refunded once the transfer is completed.

Roaming and redirection of calls

Further information about roaming

For redirection follow the instruction here

For unconditional redirection (so always) dial **21*number_to_which_I_want_to_redirect#.

Unfortunately T-mobile notification regarding redirection will be read.

To cancel the redirection dial ##21#.

For conditional redirection (if the phone is switched off or out of GSM signal) dial *62*number_to_which_I_want_to_redirect#.

We do not recommend to use conditional redirection in roaming. It is dangerous as you could be charged both the incoming call and the call to the number to which you did the redirection.

To cancel the redirection dial ##62#. Check the setting: *#62#

Phone setting

The setting is usually automatic and no manual setting is needed. It is recommended to wait approx. 1 hour after inserting the new SIM card in your phone. Phone setting should be same as for T-mobile network.

T-mobile manual for your particular phone - fill the item Klíčové slovo with your phone name (for example Nokia 515) and search.

If the Internet does not work in your phone even according to the instructions, check Proxy setting. T-mobile mentions in its instructions that switched on proxy could help. However, with our SIM cards, proxy has to be switched off. We observed this for example with Nokia 208 and Nokia 6303 classic and it might occur with other phones. (only in Czech) (only in Czech) If the error occurs, the Internet connection does not work in Nokia integrated browser, but it works in other applications.

The Internet Setting

  • No setting is needed in most of the cases.
  • There is no other fee than 0.69 Kč/MB, therefore you do not have to be afraid of using profile with strange name e.g. wap
APN (Access Point Name):
Primary DNS: Automatic or
Secondary DNS : Automatic or
User name and password wap

If you want to connect your laptop to the Internet, follow the instructions on T-mobile website Windows 7, Windows XP, section Ruční instalace. It is possible to connect a laptop with integrated 3G modem,via USB dongle or via ordinary phone and USB cable. For sending e-mails as smtp server use the one that is linked to your e-mail address. Smtp server T-mobile cannot be used.

MMS setting

Setting should not be needed. If it does not work, try the following:

Setting name: MMS TMCZ ip adresa :
Homepage: http://mms user name and password: mms
address APN : Data carrier GPRS Port 80 (sometimes this is not required)

SMS setting

Nothing should be needed to set up. Message center:+420603052000

Instructions for donwload or print

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