Difference between odorik.cz and odorik9

  • different codecs are used
  • contact odorik.cz, odorik.cz2, odorik.cz3, odorik.cz4 - codec alaw or g711 wiil be used (for calls from PC with high-quality internet connection)
  • contact odorik9 - codec g729 will be used (suitable for lower-quality internet connectin, for example a mobile phone)
  • the same is applied to prefix skype and skype9 in Speed Dial
  • In case of any problems with quality, you can always try to use the other contact. It is highly recommended to use headphones with microphone or at least speak directly to the microphone.
  • If calling via any of these two contacts does not work, try to use any of the following skype names - odorik.cz2, odorik.cz3, odorik.cz4 or odorik_test
  • contact odorik_test - internal Skype coded will be used (probably version of ilbc)
  • In case of calling via odorik_test, you are always asked to enter your PIN (even though you have saved your Skype name in Odorik user interface) and it is also not possible to use dialling via chat.
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