Command disabled: backlink data plans changes - spring 2018

No change of prices, but following will be changed:

  • from 21th of May 2018 - when all data from data package are used, internet access will be blocked. Previously there was very slow internet connection available (16kbit) till the end of the month.
  • from 1th of April 2018 data packages 25MB and 100MB are no more available. If you have 25 MB data packages it will be changed to per MB data plan - see below, if you have 100MB (50 Kč) package, it will be changed to 150 MB (60 Kč).
  • From April if you have data plan with charges per MB ( 1 MB= 0,69Kč), the speed will have no limit, but you can set the limit of maximum available data per month as protection. The possible values are 50, 100 and 200 MB. When you reach your set monthly limit, your data will blocked. Default value limit is 100 MB. This data plan is good option when your data usage is lower then 100 MB/month. If your have higher data usage then about 100 MB/month, do not use per MB data plan, purchase different plan as different plans are cheaper.

See list of available data packages in a price list

Czech version of this web page

How to change your SIM card data plan settings

You can change the setting of your SIM card on the internet. Login at and click on the „lines“ menu item, then click on your phone number.

Please adjust your settings according your data needs. You can have a look at your data usage in the menu „Call history → mobile data“ or on your phone.

If you have any question call 4488 free of charge from your SIM. To get to English speaking person we recommend to call MON-FRI from 10 AM to 6 PM.

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