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Your PIN [?]:
Enter your 13 or 10 digit PIN number
  • It is the same PIN code you use for calling from landline or phonebooth.
  • You have recieved your PIN by SMS message when you registered, or it is written on your calling card.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN, call free on 539 085 860 let ring once and hangup. We send you a text message with your PIN agian.
User ID is your
- mobile phone number (9 digits) or
- e-mail address or
- line number.
Password are the last 4 digits of your PIN sent
to you upon registration; to re-receive your PIN
call 539 085 860 from your mobile phone and wait for SMS.

  • icon Per second billing (1+1)
  • icon Shared balance for more SIM cards and VoIP lines
  • icon All services prepaid, no contract
  • icon Mobile, landline or tollfree phonenumbers
Please register, login and in menu Payments top up your balance. Use menu item lines to allocate phone number(s). Click Support and "Odorik SIM card order" and specify your postal address and number of SIM cards you want. One SIM card is 80 CZK and postage is 20 CZK to Czech Rep. 40 CZK to Europe and 50 CZK elsewhere. Your balance will be used for this order.
If you are in Prague or Brno you can get a registration and SIM card at our office.
Prices are in CZK, VAT 21% included
Odorik MVNO is using T-mobile network.
                          MVNO Prices
Odorik (incl. VoIP) 0,59
CZ mobile and landline 1,49
Other destionations   int.+2
CZ mobile via Callback   1,18
CZ mobile via VoIP   0,59
SMS in MVNO network0,59
SMS others  1,25
SMS abroad2,50
Data 1 MB (billed by 1 KB)0,69
Data package 150 MB/month  60
Daily fee for active SIM0,70
New SIM card  80
Deposit for a phonenumber  50
VoIP calls to Czech Rep.
At peak
Mobile phone
Mobile phone 
Price in CZK / min (incl. VAT)
VoIP calls anywhere
0.47 CZK
1.12 CZK
0.40 CZK
0.49 CZK
2.52 CZK
0.39 CZK
0.58 CZK
0.59 CZK
2.77 CZK
0.36 CZK
0.43 CZK
0.64 CZK
2.17 CZK
1.59 CZK
0.41 CZK
0.59 CZK
0.96 CZK
2.90 CZK
Slovakia - mobile
0.96 CZK
0.36 CZK
0.53 CZK
0.29 CZK
2.76 CZK
Viet Nam
1.99 CZK
Prices per min.,19% VAT incl.
Calling from internet

  • You can call from your computer easily by using our program Odorik.exe. After downloading the program you enter your PIN obtained upon registration and you can call. more ...
  • You can call easily using our credit and prices via Skype too, from any computer or from better mobile phones.
  • If you are not allowed to run programs or Skype in the computer from which you want to call, you can call directly from our web site using Java phone.
  • You can also use any other program or device that supports standard SIP for your calls. Some of the better mobile phones Nokia are supporting SIP at basic equipment, use instructions here.
VoIP phone / adapter

Choose hardware for making phonecalls via Internet. You can choose a desktop or wireless VoIP phone, or you can even use your old land line phone with a VoIP adapter. The lowest VoIP prices are available, can serve you as a local PBX.

Calling from mobile phone

using the callback method
  1. from your registered mobile phone call our trigger number and let it ring once
  2. answer the returned call (callback)
  3. dial the destination number
  • no need to enter PIN
  • triggering via text message (SMS) also possible
  • callback fee is added to the calling rate
Calling from payphone / landline

dial direct with 3 easy steps:
  1. Dial our toll-free number
  2. enter your PIN obtained upon registration
  3. dial the destination number
  • for easier usage store the access number and PIN in the memory of your phone
  • You can set pinless dialing if you want from a list of numbers.
  • use the callback if your landline provider barres the access to 822 numbers
Payment options

Login to your account and go to payments menu to see all the options for your account.

When outside of the Czech Republic

  • By international wire transfer in EUR currency. The minimum payment is 10 EUR. State your registration details inside the payment note, or contact us by email.
    Citfin CZ02 2060 0000 0000 0105 1440 Swift CITFCZPPXXX

  • By credit card.
    Pay by credit card
    In order to avoid the usage of stolen credit card numbers, we check the mobile phone number of the person attempting to make a credit card payment by sending text message with a code. By default only Czech mobile phone numbers are allowed. Please send us your current mobile phone number (any country) using contact form, so we can add it to the white list manually. After we add your mobile phone number to a white list, you can make credit card payments without any restrictions.

In the Czech Republic

We have more bank accounts in the Czech Republic, to allow instat balance top up.
  • Fio Fio banka - 292920/2010
  • Raiffeisen Raiffeisen - 292920/5500
  • Česká spořitelna Česká spořitelna - 4662722/0800
  • Poštovní spořitelna Poštovní spoř., ČSOB 221837197/0300
  • Česká spořitelna, Raiffeisen bank - using a payment button
    České spořitelna payment button.  Raiffeisen bank payment button 
  • KB, mBank, credit cards - by GoPay

By Cash (in Czech Rep.)

  • At our office in Prague or Brno
  • At cash payment terminals EuroPAY
  • At SAZKA terminals or post office with a special bar code
    Your balance will be increased in 10 minutes.
You can generate and print your bar codes for SAZKA and post office payment when you log in under payments menu.
2 years after last recharge
You can deposit cash at our Office in Prague or Brno, pay at the post office. Or at any of the 4400 SAZKA terminal around the country. With have tree different bank account for your convenience, we also have bank account in Slovakia.
You can send some of your balance to your friends by a text message or on the web.
A public phone number for incoming calls. A possibility to redirect calls or ringing on more phones.
This way we can keep lower prices for our long term customers.
For your convenience, a text message with your calling account login information will be sent to this number.